Aug 2016
  • Farmer name : Y. Raghavachari
  • Saplings count : 300
  • Tree Species : Jamun, Lemon
  • Address : Kadiri Village, Andhra Pradesh

  • 200 Jamun & 100 lemon saplings were planted with farmer Y. Raghavachari of Kadiri village in Anantpur District.
Plantation Location :
Donor Details : Nityashri Sankaran, a grade 8 student at the Delhi Private school in Sharjah, is an energetic and optimistic eco champion who is passionate about resource conservation and spreading awareness towards Sustainable living and is committed to a greener future for the planet. As part of the Say trees initiative to assist farmers with a livelihood by donating 300 fruit saplings which will grow into mango trees in a couple of years, she has chose to support 2 farmers and shall take the responsibility of assisting with their saplings, maintenance and the irrigation systems. Nityashri believes it is vital to spread awareness on afforestation, appreciate and understand that we depend on nature and ecosystem services to provide us a secure and healthy living. She looks forward to a beautiful green society through her efforts.