06 July, 2015

TISS TREE. Tree Club in TISS Hyderabad.

SayTrees partners with students of TISS, Hyderabad and launches a tree club called TISS TREE
The current generation forgot to sow seeds. And as a result, we do not have enough green cover. Look around. Although we see urbanization all around us, our beautiful nature is all gone, a heavy price we have had paid for our personal growths. High pollution levels, low green cover, shortage of fruits & vegetables…is this that what we want to pass on to our future generations?

The best way forward is to engage the younger generation and bring together a group who will act as responsible citizens and make sure we get Mother Earth back in shape. And that’s why we have tied up with students of TISS. So why the TISS club?

It’s high time, we bring students close to nature and help them understand how important nature is to our survival. Every time we cut a tree, we do not just lose a tree…..we lose many species of birds and insects too!
The children are our future and we need to sow seeds of nature preservation in their mind now! Saving the environment needs to be a habit. Every act, every deed needs to reflect that!
Every member, we hope, will act wisely in the future and work on preserving nature unlike their predecessors.
The children of today who understand the importance of nature , will all go on to lead big organizations and ensure that their organizations are environmentally friendly too.
Planting and sowing does not require special talent, it just needs a mindset change…. affection towards nature.

The earth belongs not just to man, but to all living creatures big or small. If the youngsters are sensitive to that, we can assure ourselves of a bright, green and wonderful world. Without trees and nature, mankind has no future! So let’s fix problems at the root level and help our children blossom into nature loving enthusiasts! Interested in joining us? Write to us at info@saytrees.org

Office bearers of TISS TREE :
Shuvenih Mohan Kaul , Secretary
Komal Vaishnav , Joint Secretary
Krithika Ganesan, Joint Secretary.

July 19th, 2015
Raahgiri, Hyderabad
by Volunteers of TISS TREE

July 11th, 2015
Opposite Q City, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
by Volunteers of TISS TREE

July 6th, 2015
inauguration of TISS TREE.
by SayTrees.