14 November, 2016

An account of a year - 2016

Our Earth comprises of various components that collectively labor arduously, thus enabling it sustain several life forms. Unfortunately, the vigor such elements employ in their quest to empower existence on this planet often misses the recognition and plaudits it deserves. As sincere occupants of this sphere star, it becomes our responsibility to propel and respect the efforts it makes in ensuring the proper functioning of our surroundings. An inability to discern the same, results in disruption of evenness of day-to-day life as seen at many occurrences. It is a just and fair play of nature that pushes a notion of environment conservation, an inch forward before the people. Not relocated or alarmed by such alerts but scrutiny of the states, SayTrees stands tall in the matters involving preservation and stiffening of it. In addition to forming a localized awareness of the subject, the organization croons its objectives amongst a profusion of people, the upshots of which are widely perceived without interruptions.

Every year SayTrees set about with a motive to dilate the ambit of tree plantation and for the most part does well in the process. It displayed a similar account of probity and service towards the nature in alliance with its supporters, clanking its allegiance this year. Kindling masses across Bangalore, it was able to drive people of all ages towards working for the cause of plantation, safe keeping and nourishment of the trees. With more than 17,300 saplings planted in just four months, it confirmed much of a triumph for both, the nature and its enthusiasts. The indigenous support from the public came about in explicit forms, ranging from on-field contributions to donations which conjointly facilitated the aims of this non-profit organization. SayTrees believes in addressing the processes in its vision with a coherent approach, thus, minimizing the presence of failures. Shielding its belief, the NGO administrated most of the plantation drives during monsoon since the seasonal shift offers rampant rain and suitable conditions for the saplings to develop and remain stable along their period of bloom. Furthermore, the other contributions of SayTrees included conversion of wasteland and dumping yards into trails of green cover. Wastelands and other such spaces are detrimental to the environment and at the same time clutch a serious threat to the people living in it. It is necessary to transfigure them into areas conducive for sustenance and SayTrees has been able to suffice the motives just right. At some places like KR Puram, the method of Miyawaki was opted to create dense forests in less time. Almost, 2000 saplings were planted there using this process.

It remains a verity that plantation alone doesn’t validate the contribution to the nature. There gushes in a series of responsibilities after the process has been packed up, like maintenance of the saplings. It is a potent step towards the growth of flora of any sorts and requires a heap of efforts. At SayTrees, saplings are looked after for seven straight months till the month of May of approaching year. This secures higher survival rate and victorious out-turns. At each step of the operation, it is the same patrons who laid the foundation the saplings that come together and aid towards nurture and upkeep of them. In this way, the organization formulates a maneuver, which not only works toward plantation but also maintains community engagement and conduct towards the environment.

In this beastly professional world, it is obligatory to have a knack of executing ideas with faultlessness. Assessing the results of the toil of SayTrees, it is not inane to say that the organization has brought about a reform in the environmental frame of few places by leaps and bounds. It not only affirms its diligence but also claims the safety and assurance involved in forming its confederate associations with any corporate to usher the change. With all that said, SayTrees is ready for another fortunate year of changes and headway with a perpetual hope of protection and progress of the environment!

By : Kshitij Srivastava (A nature lover supporting SayTrees through his writing skills.)