15 September, 2016

Nurture a Tree - nurture lives !

“The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth” These words impart so much power and belief into every being on this planet and bring each of us to a rather lost realization, that life without nature is the most threatening call to the extinction of any kind.

Deforestation, excessive utilization of non-renewable resources, are just some of the factors contributing to the lack of sustainable development. Today, when the world is standing in a state of discord, there still exist a portion of human kind who remain modest to the offerings of mother nature and one such kind is the organization- Say Trees.

A luscious green marquee is what best describes the city of Bangalore, a decade ago. With more immigrants every year and the lack of space, this green canopy has slowly been turning itself into pastel concrete jungles. While one may not grasp the sedated implication of this in a quick thought, a deep thinking will envisage the fact that increased temperatures and the slow disappearance of the scenic pinnacle-greenery, are all after math of the change. In this scenario, looking at a foundation such as Say Trees is a breath of fresh air.

When the rest of the Bangaloreans are waking up to an indolent weekend morning, Say Trees are marching towards conserving and reinstating the garden status of Bangalore. Planting trees at different corners of Bangalore, inculcates a true sense of citizenship for not just for those from the city, but also for anyone from the country. Their most recent one was in Whitefield, the success of which is evident through the 210 saplings planted by 20 volunteers. Forests benefit, not just from the laying of foundations, but more importantly,from the sustenance of whatever has been built. This is what has led Say Trees into maintaining the numerous saplings grown over the past months. They have ongoing efforts to ensure this.

Agriculture remained a backbone of the Indian economy for years together and is still a crucial sector of the nation. The faces behind Indian Agriculture, no doubt, are the farmers. It is often perilous for them to make a living and provide supplies, under erratic weather conditions such as droughts and global temperature changes. With the aim of providing a parallel source of sustainable income to farmers, Say trees has undertaken a remarkable project in the district of Anantpur by helping plant 4000 fruit bearing saplings. This has been a boon to the farmers of the district.

This concept of sustainability has gained immense prominence and channeled itʼs need into opportunities for corporates, who incessantly contribute toward the betterment of the society as part of their CSR. One of the key milestones achieved by Say Trees is the elaborate establishment of a network with many corporates such as HSBC, Adobe,Cognizant,etc, who come together to support these initiatives both in terms of funding as well as volunteering. The beauty of this effort is its outreach to not just Bangalore focused initiatives, but also nationwide afforestation and plantation projects; indeed, a true testament to the concept of word of mouth. The success of such undertakings relies a lot on the citizens who wish to come forward and establish a link between the two parties. Say Trees encourages the enthusiasts out there to do so. When each of us reads about such initiatives, we cannot help but feel a sense of pride, that humans are returning the favor to nature and preserving the pristine beauty of her offerings. For those of you nature lovers out there, a journey through this website will provide different facets of opportunities to make a simple contribution towards preserving the magnificent kingdom of the evergreen.

Amid todayʼs modernization, let us come together and build a world which is worth reminiscing for eons to come!

By : Bhavana Sundaraj (A nature lover supporting SayTrees through her writing skills.)