We planted saplings in the memory of our friend, as planting sapling which will later grow into vibrant, beautiful tree benefits everyone in this and future generations and thereby makes it the most fitting memorial, which can live for years to come. It can carry forward the name of our friend in the most vital way that grows grander with the years. With the help of a very humble coordinator , who was easily reachable to answer all our queries,We had a wonderful experience working with SayTrees. Unlike, planting trees at corporate event, which is a mere formality, SayTrees gave us an opportunity to do the hard work right from plowing to planting and thereby we felt satisfied at the end of our endeavor . The event was well coordinated , with no lack of equipment of raw material, thus making it memorable for all of us. Thank you.

Ankita, Amanpreet kaur seva trust. [Plantation Date : 13 Sept 2014]

Trees clean the air, provide oxygen, cools the streets and the city, conserve energy, save water, prevent pollution & soil erosion, provide food & wood, create habitat for wildlife……..the list of purpose goes on….. But, to me, the pleasant feeling I get when I see a tree and when I am near by it, is heavenly. They are wonderful gift of god. Trees are beautiful and lively. They make our life pleasant, peaceful and relaxing. Trees stay there for generations to come and be part of our lives. So, I wanted to have more and more of trees, thousands of them around us and enjoyed planting the saplings. It felt so good.

Tree planting event was an extraordinary experience for me. Initially I was in it as a part of corporate initiative. It was so exiting that I followed it up by participating in few more events with my family and friends. In every event we could see so many volunteer participating with great enthusiasm and enjoying the planting. It was fun and exiting experience to be part of these events, while doing something good for the planet. The events were coordinated very well by Saytrees. Their planning, timely communication and direction was excellent. The way they actively participation with us in each and every event shows their commitment and genuine passion for the cause. I liked the activity so much that I have decided to be part of these events next year and years following. The overall experience was of most gratifying, purposeful and memorable.

Kishore Govinde, SAN Locomotive [Plantation Date:5 Jun, 13 Sept, 2 Nov 2014]